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Every Child Deserves A Loving Home


The Faith Foster Families Network (3FN) will embark on a foster care

and adoption initiative beginning January-June 2022.


“For The Children”, A 3FN Foster Care Initiative is aimed at educating and encouraging individuals and families of color in Los Angeles to become foster and adoptive parents. The need for new foster and adoptive parents remains great. There are over 35,000 children involved in the child welfare system in Los Angeles County. 19,000 in foster care. Nearly 80% of these children are children of color. 

African American children remain disproportionately represented in the system (7.5% of L.A. county population but 27% of the foster care system) and remain the most challenging population for adoption, especially African American boys. 

“For The Children” Will Comprise of Several In-Person and Virtual Events

Via 3FN member website, social media and email blast

February 26th, 2022


Center of Hope Inglewood

Third Wednesday each Month beginning

March -June 2022

To Register

May 14, 2022


Center of Hope Inglewood


Children Ready for Forever Homes (Adoption)  Various 3FN Church Locations

Heart Gallery

Foster Care Awareness Month Town Hall and Resource Fair


(Education and Volunteer Engagement)

Black History Month

Town Hall and Resource Fair

Monthly Foster Care Education Moments

Additional information and links for sign up for upcoming “For The Children” events to follow.

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